Thursday, August 8, 2013

DIY Ugly Clock to Cute Clock

     We've had this cheap clock since we were married. It proudly told time on the wall in our bathroom until it fell to its death.  Oops! Then it was an ugly clock. :(   See the big chunk that's gone from the frame? But it still works!

      I knew that baby needed a clock for her room soo, out comes the DIY army. Hot glue and fabric scraps! These fabric scraps are leftover from when I made baby's quilt so they will make the clock go perfectly with the rest of the nursery decor!
     Turn the clock over and remove all the screws and the clock face and glass and set aside. Then run some hot glue on the inside lip of the clock and secure fabric to it. Stretch the fabric around the clock and secure the other end with hot glue on the inside of the frame as well. See how messy my hot-gluing is? There's quite an art to it eh? ;-)

    Continue this process covering all the way around the clock frame. Super easy right?! Then carefully place the glass then clock face back into the frame. Secure the screws and flip that baby over to admire your super simple, CUTE!, and free clock makeover!!! Love it!!!!  Happy Hot-gluing!

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