Saturday, August 10, 2013

Why doesn't Panera deliver?!

     So who decided that only subpar food would be available to be delivered to your front door?  Seriously, why can't Panera deliver their Spinach Bacon Souffle and an Asiago Bagel or IHOP deliver an omelet with 2 sausage links please?! And for all those in Springfield, why doesn't Andy's, Wayo, or Little Tokyo deliver?! And for the love of all things delicious on a Saturday morning, why doesn't Cracker Barrel deliver their pancakes?!?!  I'd be willing to wait about twice as long for food to be delivered if I knew it would be absolutely delicious and didn't contain any pepperoni. I'd probably even be willing to pay quite a bit more for any of that deliciousness to arrive at my door so I could enjoy it on the couch in my jammies. (Yes I just said jammies)
     Who decides these things? I need to speak with them. Anyways, that's just been on my mind lately. I need Panera to deliver. Especially when fall hits and I just NEEEED a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Now. :-)

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