Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Week of Firsts

     I didn't plan this, but this week ended up being filled with lots of "firsts".  For awhile I'd been thinking of trying my hand at making rings. So, this week I made metal wire rings for the first time. I had so much fun! Although, they were pretty rough, I think they turned out pretty cute for the first ones I'd ever made! 
     The second "first" was playing the violin. OK, not playing it for the first time ever, but playing it for the first time since baby was born. It felt so good to tune that beautiful instrument, and play around. It also provided Chloe with the first time she'd ever heard the violin! I'm pleased to say she stared in awe for awhile then decided to "sing" along with the music! 
     Yesterday we went to our first Messianic Shabbat service. It was also a Rosh Hashana celebration, which is the Jewish New Year. It was an amazing experience! I can't wait to go to another one! The music was wonderful, lively, and powerful! Worshipping God with over a thousand people in one place was humbling and encouraging! Baby LOVED the music! She danced and waved her arms! I love that she's as moved by music as we are.
     Another "first" was making blueberry-plum jam. It was supposed to be just blueberry jam, which would have also been a first, but I didn't quite have enough fruit so I added a few plums. The results? Delicious! Sometimes experiments like that can have horrible results, but it's really rewarding when it turns out! Usually my experiments turn out. I'm awesome like that! :-)
     The last first was definitely the best! Chloe has been "talking" and saying "ba ba ba" this whole week. But tonight she said "mama"! I can't describe the feeling that gave me! It definitely warmed my heart, and made me giggle because Daddy was a little jealous! :-) I doubt she actually knew what she was saying, but let's just go ahead and mark down in the books that she said "mama" before she said "dada".  I love trying new things, and this week of firsts has held some of my favorites! What are some of your favorite firsts? What's something you would like to make a "first"?

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