Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pretty DIY storage box for under $1

     I've had an unsightly mess on our tv stand since well...ever...so I wanted a pretty storage solution that wouldn't cost a ton! I didn't even take a picture of the mess before because it's embarrassing. Just imagine a white plastic basket overflowing with cords and batteries, and miscellaneous electronic crap stuff that my husband says to keep. :-) Anyways, so we go through ALOT of tea, and this empty box was saved from the trash because it seemed like it would be the perfect shape and size for a storage box to contain all those cords and such. (We really love this tea by the way)

      I cut off the top flaps of the box and then measured out some contact paper (from Dollar Tree) I had leftover from lining our kitchen drawers.  Lay down the paper, then peel the backing off part of one edge. Center whatever side of the box you're "wrapping" first and smooth down on the contact paper. You can remove and recenter and smooth air bubbles out pretty easily since contact paper is really forgiving. I had to take it off and start over a couple times until I got it on there without any wrinkles. Peel the backing off and then continue to apply the contact paper to the box kind of as if you're wrapping a Christmas present. 
      Tada! There it is all covered! I still ended up with a few wrinkles, but for a basically free storage box, I'm ok with that! This seriously cost, MAYBE 25 cents and took about 5 minutes to finish. And, it looks 10,000 times better than the old plastic basket!!!

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