Thursday, September 26, 2013

Weakness is the Key

     My church has started a ladies bible study on Wednesday nights using the book and video "Gideon" by Priscilla Shirer. I've already been so challenged by this study! 
     Each day there is a section to complete in the workbook. I'm going at my own pace now since I'm working on the kids christmas play on Wednesday nights and won't be watching the video with the ladies. 
     Today's devotion section was about weakness. Weakness is the key to strength. Huh???? Our weakness is the key to something God wants to open in our lives! It's all about our focus. If we focus on our weakness then we will remain unused. However, if we focus on God, He will unleash our weakness and turn it into strength. 
     In a church setting, especially in a time of tight finances and a poor economy, it's easy to focus on the lack of funds to do ministries or activities for the church people or for the community. That is focusing on a weakness. We should be focusing on Christ and the fact that He is with us! He is for us! He is more than enough. He has unlimited resources that He's waiting to let us use if we quit focusing on ourselves and our "weaknesses"! 
     In a personal setting, God is bigger than any challenge we can't overcome on our own. He's bigger than the financial strain. He's greater than the problems in your marriage that have so consumed you, you feel you have no choice but to give up. He's bigger than that health issue that has blindsided you. Stop focusing on your weakness. Focus on God! We weren't made to handle it all on our own. We were made to trust Him, honor Him, glorify Him through challenges and through our weakness. 
     When David saw Goliath, he knew he was a giant! But he was not focusing on his weakness as a smaller man like the rest of the Israelite army. David was focused on standing up for what was right. Standing up for his God, and God used David and his weakness to unleash strength enough to kill a giant! 
     I'm so challenged by this to put my focus on God especially in situations when I feel, in my weakness, that I can not overcome or accomplish something. God's strength is always enough. 

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